Introducing Akash

This week we introduced The Akash Network to the world with a press release and the open sourcing of our software. You can learn about Akash to your heart’s content by visiting our site or reading our light paper (a friendly version of the traditionally-impenetrable crypto whitepaper), so I’ll dispense with a long description of … Continue reading Introducing Akash

Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative

As businesses across the globe adopt cloud-based infrastructure strategies, three providers (Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCP, and Microsoft’s Azure) have solidified their positions as dominant players in the $247 billion-dollar cloud infrastructure market. Their success is well-deserved - these companies have effectively created the cloud we know today. Unfortunately, this success has also enabled them to … Continue reading Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative

Akash Investor Update: March 2018

Hello all! The team is hard at work and driving forward on multiple fronts to deliver on our product, fundraising, and engagement goals. Transparency is one of our core values, so I’ll be updating the Telegram channel periodically with what we’re doing, what we’re learning, and the progress we’re making. Legal Increased SEC scrutiny of … Continue reading Akash Investor Update: March 2018

Serverless is bigger than FaaS

There is a growing excitement in the developer community around the serverless paradigm, an idea that lets developers to deliver workloads without provisioning or managing servers. At its core, serverless architecture relies on orchestrating a vibrant eco-system of fully managed services. With increasing number of such backend services — namely backend-as-a-service (BaaS) — supported by … Continue reading Serverless is bigger than FaaS