Akash vs The Grid

At Akash, we do quite a bit of thinking, writing, and presenting on decentralized infrastructure. It’s our business after all - Akash is a decentralized marketplace and deployment platform for cloud compute.  Using The Akash Network, companies make slack server capacity in their colo and on-prem datacenters available for containerized deployment. As a result, Akash-connected … Continue reading Akash vs The Grid

The Akash Presale Registration Process

The Akash token presale is now open for accredited investors. We've automated much of the process to ensure a smooth user experience and that we're capturing the right data at the right stage. This post describes the process so all participants know what to expect. As always, please reach out to us on Telegram if … Continue reading The Akash Presale Registration Process

Introducing Akash

This week we introduced The Akash Network to the world with a press release and the open sourcing of our software. You can learn about Akash to your heart’s content by visiting our site or reading our light paper (a friendly version of the traditionally-impenetrable crypto whitepaper), so I’ll dispense with a long description of … Continue reading Introducing Akash

Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative

As businesses across the globe adopt cloud-based infrastructure strategies, three providers (Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCP, and Microsoft’s Azure) have solidified their positions as dominant players in the $247 billion-dollar cloud infrastructure market. Their success is well-deserved - these companies have effectively created the cloud we know today. Unfortunately, this success has also enabled them to … Continue reading Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative