Last week, I deployed my blog to Akash TestNet, making Akash the first decentralized cloud to run a full ruby-based web app!

Today, I’m happy to report that Akash successfully passed the first barrier by exceeding the 100-hour keepalive threshold.

Even though our roadmap says our TestNet will be made available in September, I’m confident our team will get it out much sooner than that!

36892504_10160489974135696_7135772903114539008_oThe moments leading to a launch are always fascinating — especially when breaking new ground — if you want the inside scoop of the Akash TestNet launch, check out our telegram @


Since this is permissionless and public blockchain, you can find the proof by exploring our testnet. Install instructions for OSX (for Linux see

$ brew tap ovrclk/tap
$ brew install akash

Explore providers, leases, and deployments:

$ akash query provider -n
$ akash query deployment -n
$ akash query lease -n

Onward and upward!

Greg and Akash Team

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