The Akash token presale is now open for accredited investors. We’ve automated much of the process to ensure a smooth user experience and that we’re capturing the right data at the right stage. This post describes the process so all participants know what to expect. As always, please reach out to us on Telegram if you have any questions!

The tools

We chose a set of easy-to-use services that integrate quite well with one another. While a bit more expensive that rolling our own, this approach allows fast iteration, provides some nice user interactions and keeps our engineering resources (mostly) focused on the Akash platform. Here’s what we use.


  • Typeform:  Used for the Whitelist and an internal intake form.
  • Airtable: Used to hold non-sensitive user-provided information and internal order tracking data.
  • Hubspot: Our CRM system of record. We sometimes write values to both Airtable and Hubspot because it was too expensive to upgrade Hubspot to a plan that allowed the kind of order tracking we want to do.
  • Shufti: Used for automated KYC/AML verification.
  • VerifyInvestor: Used for automated accreditation status verification
  • Hellosign: Used to generate and sign SAFTs.
  • Zapier: Ties ALL of these services together with unbelievably easy/powerful integration and workflow tools. We love Zapier.
  • Mailchimp: We used to use Mailchimp for transactional emails, but decided to use Zapier’s Gmail integration for better programmability and a personal touch. We still use them for occasional email blasts though, so they get honorable mention here.

The process

The process begins with someone filling out our Whitelist and ends with a countersigned SAFT and funds transferred to our bank or wallet. Here are the steps:

  1. A person (let’s call them “you”) signs up for the Akash Whitelist.
  2. We send you an email with our token terms and a link to our KYC/AML verification application.
  3. You complete the KYC/AML application, using a computer/phone with a camera. This secure application uses video to match your face to your government ID.
  4. There are three possible results:
    • Approved
      If this happens, congratulations!
    • Rejected due to the Name or Date of Birth you supplied not matching your ID
      If this was an error, simply go back to that same URL and try filling out the form again with the correct name and or DOB.
    • Rejected due to another reason
      If this happens, we’re sorry. The US Government won’t allow you to invest with us.
  5. We manually review all the information you supplied.
  6. We send you an email offering you a SAFT or requesting more information, if needed.
  7. Once you’re ready, we send you a SAFT for your requested token allocation via HelloSign. If you’re a US investor, you will also receive an email from VerifyInvestor to use their process to verify your accredited status.
  8. You electronically sign the SAFT (and complete the VerifyInvestor process if you’re a US Person), then transfer funds for the amount of your purchase to our bank account or wallet.
  9. We verify the funds have been received, then countersign. Hellosign provides you with the countersigned copy.
  10. You rejoice at being part of the team that is building the world’s first decentralized cloud!

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